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What is Memory?

  • It is a learning application. You choose a subject (e.g. English, Maths, Geography, General knowledge, French, Spanish etc.) and we deliver content and questions/answers to you to help you learn. Like a book, but smart. Like a teacher, but keener - it's infinitely patient, and it never forgets what you need to focus on.
  • It will be the most efficient, fastest (and enjoyable) way to learn new skills, subjects, and even aid you in passing your exams.
  • You won't see the same questions over and over again. We have infinite.
  • Easy to use. You can jump straight in as a guest and start immediately.
  • You won't want to put it down. With its social, teaching, competitiveness and other features, Memory makes learning genuinely fun.
  • Stats - lots of them. Monitor your progress over time, and get automatic predictions of how quickly you will reach your targets. Got an exam date? Enter it, and Memory will keep you on track - the fastest track.
  • There are many learning applications. Memory is the next generation.

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Love E-learning? Willing to contribute? Memory is due to be released in the summer of 2019. Be one of the first to experience it by signing up to our Beta tester program.

  • Early access to the latest technology to practice your exams
  • Should Memory need adverts or subscription to fund its free* services, you will receive all benefits of a paid member without having to pay.
  • Earn a permanent 'One of the first' badge
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How it works

MemorySmart™ Technology
Our proprietary technology intelligently serves courses and questions to you to optimise your rate of learning. If you prefer, you can override and customise your settings manually.
Customised Lessons
Our courses are dynamic and unique. We tailor the questions and content according to your history, learning patterns and style. Each user receives an optimal learning experience.
Dynamic Learning Model
Unlike other systems where the same questions are repeated, Memory can generate a near-infinite number of dynamic questions, to always keep your learning fresh and prepare you for any type of question in your chosen course.
Learn Faster
Instead of haphazard learning through books and classes, our system provides you with the optimal content that you currently need to learn.
Challenge your friends and the world
Optionally, you can work with and against both your friends and the entire Memory landscape to get a live view of your own progression.
Stay motivated
By using Memory, you can earn points, awards, badges and compare your progress against other users. We remind and update you when it's time to practice or time to learn new content.


Learn on the go
Our mobile app for both iOS and Android is coming soon. Check back for updates.

Coming Soon

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About Memory


New for 2019, Memory is a free* tool to help you learn, memorise and intelligently aid you in your quest to pass exams or tests in the most pleasant and efficient possible manner.

Memory is due to launch in the summer of 2019.

We use the latest in technology to speed up and bolster your learning and revision processes. Be it learning a new language, or practicing for school exams such as GCSE, Memory improves your rate or learning through its intelligent and proprietary algorithmic learning.

With Memory, with its rapid proprietary learning and teaching methodology, you will see improvements in your memory recall, long term memory, short term memory, and overall competence in your chosen subject(s).


Memory will be available as a web application and usable with mobile devices - both iOS and Android. For Revision, study and practice, Memory will help it is a you rapidly practice and revise any topic of your choice, including totally free* courses for students.

You can even create your custom courses with your class notes, and our algorithms will help you revise optimally.

You can even share the courses you have created with friends or publicly.

For Teachers, Schools and Parents

Memory is integrally designed to facilitate usage by teachers, who can assign tasks, monitor progress and see the strengths and weaknesses of the students in their classroom.

The parents can be involved too - having access to their child''s performance.

Free in this context means the ability to use to a near-full extent without paying. This is subject to change.