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Memory is an educational application/tool designed to help you learn, practice and revise your favourite topics, school exams, and more.
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About Memory

We use the latest in technology to speed up and bolster your learning and revision processes. Be it learning a new language, or practicing for school exams such as GCSE, Memory improves your rate or learning in human memory through its intelligent and proprietary algorithmic learning.

With Memory, with its rapid proprietary learning and teaching methodology, you will see improvements in your memory recall, long term memory, short term memory, and overall competence in your chosen subject(s).

Learn, revise, and practice your skills FAST and QUICK with Memory!

Memory App

Memory will be available as a web application. It will also be usable with mobile devices - both iOS and Android. For Revision, Study and Practice Memory will help you rapidly practice and revise any topic of your choice, including totally free courses for students.

You can even create your own custom courses with your class notes, and our algorithms will help you revise in an optimal manner.

You can even share courses you have created with friends or publicly.

For Teachers, Schools and Parents

Memory is integrally designed to facilitate usage by teachers, who can assign tasks, monitor progress and see the strengths and weaknesses of the students in their classroom.

The parents can be involved too - having access to their child’s performance.

Custom Course Creation

Memory allows you to build your own courses through its easy interface. You can create your own subjects, questions, answers, including audio, video and images. Our system will them programmatically help you practice and memorise your chosen top in the optimal manner - as opposed to “haphazard” studying offline. Learn Languages through Online Studying We offer a unique system to help you learn and study foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish and more. Our courses begin with the very basics, and if you have knowledge already you won’t have to waste time doing thing you already know. This makes it suitable for total beginners as well as intermediates, or even advanced students looking to refine their chosen language skills.

Example Memory Categories

Our maths course helps you learn FAST. It covers all levels.
Practice English
Learn and revise your English language and literature skills. For all levels.
Learn French
Learn and practice your French skills!
Learn Spanish
Learn and practice your Spanish!
Learn Science
Learn and practice Science online.
Religious studies
Learn and practice Religious studies online.
Learn and practice History online.
Learn and practice Geography online.
Art and Design
Learn and practice Art and Design online.
Computer Science
Learn and practice Computer Science online.
Machine Learning
Learn and practice Machine Learning online.
General Coding
Learn and practice General Coding online.
Learn and practice Business online.
Learn and practice GCSE online.
Learn and practice Kids online.
General Knowledge
Learn and practice General Knowledge online.

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