Memory: Why another E-Learning App?

Edtech (Education Technology) is a relatively mature sector.  There are many apps which already serve the purpose of accelerating learning through technology.  However, many leading applications share similar methodologies and there are untapped gaps.

Memory was founded by people with a genuine interest in advancing speed of learning.  Its founder became interested in E-learning whilst trying to learn Spanish.  Whilst doing so - as an aficionado of using technology for automation - he used many applications to support the learning.  However, he found himself continually creating his own tools - first in Excel, later in code - to support the things which other apps couldn't do, or didn't do.  From this, the idea for Memory was borne. is an ambitious project founded by a retired entrepreneur who has a genuine interest in creating the optimal and quickest (and, frankly, with some subjects: the least boring) method of learning a subject that involves memorisation and exam preparation.

Using modern techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, Memory aims to provide a "one-stop-shop" for all revision and studying needs.  

The term "revolutionary" is often overused.  But Memory's ambition -- rather than be another gamified Supermemo clone --  is to be a genuinely original, advanced, effective (and addictive -- after all, 'doing it' is requisite to studying) application and tech-driven methodology to aid studying.

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