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Philippine Constitution

In English

Created by:
Jonathan Olitres

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Article I of 1987 Philippine Constitution

National Territory

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35 questions
Article II of 1987 Philippine Constitution
Declaration of Principles and State Policies
Article XI of 1987 Philippine Constitution
Accountability of Public Officers
Article XII of 1987 Philippine Constitution
National Economy and Patrimony
Article XIII of 1987 Philippine Constitution
Social Justice and Human Rights
Article XIV of 1987 Philippine Constitution
Education,Science and Technology, Arts, Culture and Sports
Philippine first constitution
1897 Constitution/Biak-na-bato Constitution
The 1935 Constitution was approved by?
President Franklin Roosevelt
Constitution that was made during Marcos era
1973 Philippine Constitution/ Martial Law Constitution
Wrote the 1897 Constitution
Isabelo Artacho and Felix Ferrer