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Ancient Greece

In English

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Dural Good-Bye

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forms of government which all citizens participate in

direct democracy definition

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Ancient Greece - Details



25 questions
300 spartans vs persia
Battle of thermopylae
Made transportation and trade difficult
What were the effects of mountains on life in ancient greece
Free landowning adult males
Who could be citizens of greek city states
It connected different parts of greece and encouraged trade and transportation
How did the sea impact the economy of ancient greece
The agora was the center of city life
How was the agora important to the greeks
Alexander the great
Who was the general from macedonia who united greek city-states and conquered persian empire
Athens and sparta
What two city-states fought in the peloponnesian wars
Introduced democracy, philosophy, alphabet and olympics
How did ancient greeks infulence the modern world
Greece because thats where the olypics originated
Which country has the honor of walking into the olympic stadium and why