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ArkUps Course

In English

Created by:
Marci Reynolds

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Why would you contact area manager or phone company supervisor?

Turnback, can't find, high profile, damage, invite to lunch

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38 questions
Why would you contact area manager or phone company supervisor?
Turnback, can't find, high profile, damage, invite to lunch
Why would a phone cable not locate?
Damage, corrosion, unbonded (open circut)
Just a guide
Locate a job and get a bad feeling, what should you do?
Contact person who is digging, go back to the ticket
Electromagnetic field
Print shows has five cables, PED only shows 4
Verify right location and PED # on prints and ticket. if still wrong call manager and phone company personnel
Can you tip a spare pair?
No, spare pair is not active, Must be on a live pair
Whats the advantages of Fiber over copper?
Capacity, Size of cable, No signal degradation, faster
What should you do to a common ground?
Disconnect from common ground (will cause other utility to locate) Disconnect the fargo
NID and SID are known as
Point of demarcation
What is a spare pair?
Pair not being used
What is a high profile for phone line?
600 pair or above for copper ALL FIBER Duct Run SLC
What is a Load Coil?
Eliminates cross talk, No continuity
House Building Pad
Foundation of a building
Bonding strap
Grounding point for a PED
Repeater filter
Device that reshapes, cleans up and or amplify signal
Pulp Cable
Paper Cable
Air Core Cable
Cable filled with dry air or nitrogen
Match stick
Route marker, can also serve as an easy test point
Shield connector
Connects bond strap to the shield
Terminal Strip
Ceramic strip within a ped where a drop connects to be run out to the customer
Splice Case
Housing that protects splice
U Guard
U shaped metal guard that protects a dip
Slack Loop
Extra cable that is coiled up, usually in a hand hole
Where cable goes form aerial to ground or ground to aerial
Hand Hole
Small vault access point to cables or splices
Red Caps
Special circuit usually for sensitive items such as alarms
Man Hole
Access point to a duct run
D-Screen Cable that contains multiplexed pair
Metal connector for bonding grounding of drops
Multiplex/ Pair Gain
Place up to 96 customers on a pair
Sheath-less or unshielded drop
No metal shielding in it (floppy drop)
Duct (Conduit system)
Series of Conduits for future placement of communication cable that run