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Biology 2

In English

Created by:
Camryn Matheson

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The land plants are probably descendants of which group?

green algae

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110 questions
Alternation of generations means that plants produce:
Both haploid and diploid multi-cellular organisms
What result would support the conclusion that charophytes should be included in the plant kingdom?
The Chara genome is more similar to the tomato plant genome than the red algae genome.
Which feature does not support the inclusion of charophytes in the plantae kingdom?
Charophytes are multi-cellular organisms that lack vascular tissue.
Why do mosses grow well in the Arctic Tundra?
They do not have true roots and can grow on hard surfaces.
How do mosses contribute to returning nitrogen to the soil?
Mosses decompose rocks and release nitrogen.
Seed plants are?
All heterosporous
What trait characterizes gymnosperms?
The plants carry exposed seeds on modified leaves.
Plants are a source of:
Food, fuel, and medicine.
What is an advantage of asexual reproduction?
When cuttings or buds are taken from an adult plant or plant parts, the resulting plant will grow into an adult faster than a seedling.
Alternation of generations describes what?
Both the haploid and diploid forms can be multicellular.
DNA-based genome
Oxygenation of the atmosphere
Bioremediation includes _____.
The use of prokaryotes to clean up pollutants
Ammonification is the process by which _____.
Ammonia is released during the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic compounds
The cell wall is ________.
Exterior to the cell membrane
Halophiles are organisms that require________.
A salt concentration of at least 0.2 M
Microbial mats __________.
Are the earliest forms of life on Earth, obtained their energy and food from hydrothermal vents, and are multi-layered sheets of prokaryotes including mostly bacteria but also archaea
Vaccines _______.
Stimulate an immune response
DNA viruses _______?
Use host cell's machinery to produce new copies of their genome.
Reverse transcriptase______
Transcribes RNA to make DNA