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Business Strategy

In English

Created by:
Powerful Ostrich

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60 questions
What does EBIT stand for?
Earnings Before Taxes and Interest
What does EBITDA stand for?
Earnings Before Interest and Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization
Why is long term debt higher?
Because the future is unknown
How do you calculate market capitalization?
(current stock price) x (number of outstanding shares)
What are the 6 "trillion dollar companies"?
Apple, Alphabet Inc. (google), Microsoft, Facebook, CNBC, Berkshire Hathaway
The higher the score...
The better the sales
What are the four departments?
R&D, marketing, production, finance
What are the three ways the finance department can raise funds?
1. one year bank notes, 10-year bonds, stock issues
What are the 5 main segments?
Traditional, Low End, High End, Performance, Size
What does MTBF mean?
Mean Time Before Failure
What are the 4 buying criteria?
Price, Age, MTBF, and Positioning
Ideal Modest MTBF
Ideal High End MTBF
What are the three P's of marketing
Price, place, and promotion
How to calculate the book value of stock
Equity / shares outstanding