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Chemistry (Organic Revision N1)

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Colour change when alkene undergoes halogenation by bromine in non-aqueous medium (inert solvent)

red to colourless (alkylbromide formed)

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31 questions
Colour change and product(s) observed in the oxidation of alkenes using hot, cocnentrated potassium permanganate soluion
Purple to colourless, depending on the structure of the alkene, ketones, aldehydes or carboxylic acids will be formed
Reagent used in elimination reaction of alkyl halides to form alkenes
Strong base (eg. NaOH or C2H5ONa) in ethanol under reflux
Colour change observed and conditions used in the oxidation of an alcohol to carboxylic acid
K2Cr2O7/dil H2SO4 under reflux, orange to green OR KMnO4/dil H2SO4 under relfux, purple to colourless
Reagents used in limiting oxidation of alcohols
Cold KMnO4/dil H2SO4 pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC) manganese dioxide (MnO2)
Regeant and conditions used in formation of an ester by a carboxylic acid (or its acyl halide) and alcohol
Conc H2SO4 (H+) under reflux (reflux not necessary when using acyl halide)
Reagent used in reduction of nitrile to amine
Lithium aluminium hydride under reflux or H2/Ni
What is a Hoffman Degradation reaction
A reaction where the carbon chain of the amide is shorten by one C (ie C=O removed and amine is formed)