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electromagnetic induction

In English

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sakhi rathore

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magnetic flux formula

magnetic flux = B.A
magnetic flux = B.A

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22 questions
Magnetic flux formula
Magnetic flux = B.A
Unit for magnetic flux
Weber (wb) and it is scalar
A cylindrical bar magnet is rotated about its axis. a wire is connected from the axis and is made to touch the cylindrical surface through a contact. explain current
As there is no change in magnetic flux associated with the circuit, no current is induced in the circuit. the ammeter A shows no deflection
Lenz's law and conservation of energy
The polarity of induced emf is such that it tends to produce a current which opposes the change in magnetic flux that produced it
Self inductance formula
L= mu(r).muo.n^2 AL
A metal plate is getting heated. it can be because
A current( either A.C. or D.C) is passing through her. it is placed in a time varying magnetic field
Mutual inductance formula
Faraday's law of EMI
When a closed coil is placed in changing magnetic field then electric current is induced in the coil
If current is anticlockwise and clockwise explain the poles formed
North pole for anticlockwise and south pole for clockwise
Faraday's law given by
Micheal faraday in england and josheph henry in USA around 1830
Conclusion of faraday's experiments
An induced emf is induced in acoil when a magnetic flux through the coil changes with time
Peak value of induced emf
E0=NBAW, e depends on time
Induced current in the loop
I=e/R depends on time
Induced charge
Qi= -dQ/R does not depend on time
Direction of induced current
Always opposes the cause due to which it is produced