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first phys exam

In English

Created by:
Gina Graveen

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collection of stars


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58 questions
Collection of stars
23.5 degrees
What is the degree difference from the ecliptic to the celestial equator?
Eastward on the ecliptic
Direction Motion
Westward on the ecliptic
Retrograde Motion
What is the actual shape of the earth?
With earth in the center and the sun and other planets orbiting the earth
What is the geocentric model of the solar system?
The perfect solids
What was keplers reasoning for only 6 planets?
Half of the major axis
Semi-major axis
9.8 m/s^2
Linear Acceleration
F=G((m sub 1 times m sub 2) / r^2)
What is the equation for law of universal gravitation?
1781 by William Herschel
When was Uranus discovered?
1846 by Gallileo
When was Neptune discovered?
1930 by Clyde Tombaugh
When was Pluto discovered?