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GE 15 (Environmental Problems in the Philippines)

In English


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Where do we live?

Universe>Milky way Galaxy>Planet Earth>Solar System>Continents> Philippines

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16 questions
Where do we live?
Universe>Milky way Galaxy>Planet Earth>Solar System>Continents> Philippines
What are the Components of the Environment?
- Physical and Biotic Environment - Micro and Macro Environment - Consists of Earth Spheres
What are the earth spheres?
- Lithosphere (solid earth) - Hydrosphere (all bodies of water) - Atmosphere (the gases that surround the Earth) - Biosphere (all life on Earth)
What is Earth System Science?
The interaction o the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere.
What are the Environmental Problems in the Philippines?
- Overpopulation - Pollution - Land Degradation - Loss of Biodiversity and Depletion of natural Resources - Climate Change
What are the other factors that add to the problems?
Location of the Philippines: - Typhoon Belt - Pacific Ring of Fire
What are the Government Agencies in the Philippines?
•Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) •Department of Health(DOH) •Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation •Environment Management Bureau •Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau
What are the Non-Government Agencies in the Philippines?
•Ecological Society of the Philippines •Foundation for the Philippine Environment •Fund for the nature of the Philippines •Haribon Foundation for the conservation of Natural Resources Inc. •NGO’s or Integrated Protected Areas •Foundation for the Sustainable Society
What are the causes of overpopulation?
1.Poverty 2.Poor Contraceptive Use 3.Reduced Mortality Rate 4.Fertility Treatment 5.Immigration
What are the ways to solve overpopulation?
1.Relocation and Exploration 2.Management of Birth 3.Decimation of Human Population
What are the National Response to overpopulation ?
1.RA no. 6365 (Population Act) 2. RA no. 10354 (Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 aka Reproductive Health Law or RH Law)
What are the types of Environmental Pollution?
- Air Pollution - Land Pollution - Water Pollution
What are the causes of Air Pollution?
•Volcanic Eruptions •Dust Storms •Wildfires •Smoke