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The countries of this region have been plagued by civil wars over their rich natural recources,

sub-saharan africa

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Geography - Details



149 questions
Mainly Industrial
High population density
Moderate population density
Sporadically populated
Functional Region
Crossing into the Metropolitan Chicago area.
Formal region
Crossing from one state to another
Perceptual region
Going to an ethnic neighborhood
Formal region
Driving into Canada from the U.S.
Hot summer; mild but distinct winters
20-35 degrees latitude
60 degrees and higher latitude
Frost anytime; short growing season; limited vegetation
Short, hot summers; severe winters
45-60 degrees latitude
Warm; temperature change less than 5 degrees; no cold season
0-20 degrees latitude
Which of the following regions would be prone to earthquakes?
Western South America and Japan and southern asia.
Which characteristics make the U.S. West Coast particularly prone to earthquakes?
Along an active fault and Along a shifting tectonic plate
Interaction of plant and animal life in a particular environment
What is the definition of the term ecosystem?
Spatial arrangement of people
What is population distribution?
Settlement of populations in a geographic location over a given period of time
The process in which population distribution occurs?
U.S. migration to California occurred before the settlement of the Plains region
While there are some other contributing factors, the granting of statehood generally paralleled the level of population growth due to regional migration. What can be concluded on the basis of the data on the map?
Climatic conditions Transportation routes Cultivatable land Physical conditions
A group of pioneers has traveled across North America in search of a home. They finally settle on some land north of present-day Nebraska because it is close to a major river, can be farmed, has a long growing season, and receives plenty of rain. Which of the following factors influenced the pioneers’ decision to settle where they did?
Developing Nations
Industrial production index values have increased more rapidly
Developing Nations
Contains an increasingly large share of the world population
Developing nations
Uses less inanimate energy and must rely principally on human or animal power
Developed Nations
Primary sector of the population works in industry or service
Developed nations
The two age groups of 15 or younger and 65 and older are approximately equal
Low per capita Gross National Income Increasing level of industrialization
Which of the following are characteristics of developing nations?
Panama Haiti Senegal
Which of the following can be categorized as developing nations?
People interacting with their natural surroundings
What is direct human-environment interaction?
Natural resources
Materials used by humans that are not made by humans
Renewable resources
A resource that can be replenished
The spread of arid conditions and loss of vegetation
Contamination of the environment
Favorable trade balances Use of advanced technology High rates of literacy
Which of the following are characteristics of nations whose populations enjoy substantial access to necessary resources?
Carbon dioxide buildup Topsoil loss
Direct consequences of deforestation?
Building a house using lumber Planting crops on the farm Using wind power in manufacturing
Which of the following are examples of direct use of natural resources?
Fossil fuels
Minded products
Wind energy
Soil fertility
Which of the following is the science of mapmaking?
Number of people per unit area
What is population density?
A country has 100 square miles of land and a population of 1 million people. What is the population density per square mile of the country? Round to the nearest whole number.
Prime Meridian - 1 Arctic circle - 5 equator - 2 international date line - 4
Numbers correspond to the thick black lines they are adjacent to. Match each line with its corresponding number. Select your answer from the pull-down list.
Establishes the point of measure for longitude
What is the purpose of the prime meridian?
Two consecutive calendar days
What does the international date line separate?
46º N 30° E
What is the absolute location of the city of Odessa?
The southern shore of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea
What is the relative location of the city of Y
The tropical environment is home to disease-causing parasites. The fresh water sources in the tropics house parasites that cause dysentery.
In the 1800s the British attempted to colonize West Africa. Tropical diseases caused heavy losses of men and horses as they attempted to travel up the Niger River. Their attempts to colonize the area initially failed. Which of the following explains how geography affected the British attempts at colonization in West Africa?
0° longitude
Identify which of the following coordinates best corresponds to the absolute location of the Equator.
Identify which of the following coordinates best corresponds to the absolute location of the International Date Line.
66.5° N
Identify which of the following best coordinates corresponds to the absolute location of the Arctic Circle.
23.5° S
Identify which of the following best coordinates corresponds to the absolute location of the Tropic of Capricorn.
0° latitude
Identify which of the following coordinates best corresponds to the absolute location of the Prime Meridian.
66.5° S
Identify which of the following coordinates best corresponds to the absolute location of the Antarctic Circle.
23.5° N
Identify which of the following coordinates best corresponds to the absolute location of the Tropic of Cancer.
Human-Environment Interaction
Acid deposition (“acid rain”) best relates to which of the following five themes of Geography?
Consistently wet year-round
Within the climate classification scheme, the term ‘humid’ refers to climates that are:
Consistently dry year-round
Within the climate classification scheme, the terms ‘desert’ or ‘arid’ refer to climates that are:
Winter solstice
Study the figure below, which indicates the point at which the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the sun. Which seasonal event for the Northern Hemisphere is depicted in this figure above?
Mediterranean climate
Which of the following climate types best corresponds to a mid-latitude region that experiences seasonal variation between hot, dry summers and a cool, wet winters?
Humid Continental exhibits a warm summer and cold winter, whereas Subarctic exhibits a mild summer and frigid winter.
Which of the following statements most accurately describes the key difference between Humid Continental and Subarctic climates?
Arid conditions
Conditions are most likely to be found on the leeward side of a mountain, as a result of orographic uplift and precipitation patterns?
Seasonally-humid tropical
Climate types best corresponds to the annual temperature and precipitation characteristics represented in the figure below?
Colombia (10-15° North)
Which of the following countries is located within the latitudinal range for the climate type depicted in the figure preceding item #8, above?
Intertropical convergence zone
Which of the following atmospheric phenomena best accounts for why humid conditions tend to predominate near the equator?
Low latitude (0-23.5° N/S)
Seasonally-humid tropical
Humid, low-latitude regions in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia
Slash-and-burn agriculture can be expected to occur in which one of the following regions?
Desertification has resulted in a 20% decrease in the size of the Arctic Tundra over the past 50 years.
Which one of the following statements LEAST accurately describes this human-environment interaction
Grassland, savanna, shrubland
Which one of the following biomes is most likely to occur in a Mediterranean climate?