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Geometry Elements and Definitions

In English


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Point (point A, B, C)
Point (point A, B, C)

A locator with no size or shape

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Point (point A, B, C)
A locator with no size or shape
Made up of points with no thickness or width (not measurable)
Line Segment
A measurable consisting of two endpoints.
A line that extends indefinetly in ONE piece
A flat surface made up of points
Congruent Segments
Two or more segments that have the same lenght
Segment Bisector
A segment or line thats intersects a segment ai its midpoint.
Parallel Lines
Two lines that never intersect
Two lines that intersect at a 90° (right angle)
The intersection of two rays at an endpoint
Common endpoint of an angle
Acute Angle
Less than 90°
Obtuse Angle
Greater than 90°
Linear pair
Adjacent angles that are supplementary. Combined, they form a straight line