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GRE The economist words

In English

Created by:
Farinaz Dastpish

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reveal , disclose

They divulged the secret (2)

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66 questions
Reveal , disclose
They divulged the secret (2)
Restless, fidgety, edgy
The crowd has been waiting for long hours and many were becoming restive (3)
Present, permeate, fill, suffuse
The spirit of hopelessness pervaded (4)
Form again
They tried to recast the statement less formal
Sin, vice, godlessness
He blamed the fall of the city on the impiety of people (3)
A dynamo on a bicycle will power a pair of lights while the wheels are going around.
Defeat, conquer, surmount (verb)
The vanquished army surrendered their weapons
Undulating ,meandering, Serpentine, windy, winding
The hikers followed the sinuous path through the trees. (4)
Calumny, strong criticism
His controversial essays have brought him much obloquy.
Dogged, cohesive, determined (adj)
There has been tenacious local opposition to the new airport. (3)
Appeasing, assuaging, propitiatory(adj)
A conciliatory gesture/remark (3)
Eulogy, paean,panegyric (adj)
They need no encomium of mine, but I am prepared to stand by them to the last ditch.(3)
Disuse, inactivity (noun)
But it seems that up to the cession, these regulations had fallen into desuetude.(2)
I have not schemed to win a pampered and voluptuous existence (3)
Enthral, fascinate, stupefy, enchant,transfix(verb)
I was completely mesmerized by the performance.(5)
Annouy, disconcert ( noun, verb)
Yet, despite his chagrin, he realized that he could not send her from him forthwith.( 2)
Woebegone, sad(adj)
Yet the thought of her had persisted as a plaintive undertone through all the days after.(2)
Burnish, dazzling, gleaming, glistening(adj)
The colouring is not so good; in the mass, it is not so lustrous, nor so varied(4)
Confusion, jumble, tangle(noun)
We are reducing the company's welter of development projects(3)
Adorn, deck, drape, decorate(verb)
The hall was festooned with Christmas lights(4)
Corrective, penal ,diciplinary (adj)
The UN has imposed punitive sanctions on the invading country.(3)
Lightheartedness, frivolity, jocularity(noun)
A brief moment of levity amid the solemn proceedings (3)
Truce (noun)
A two-week armistice has been declared between the rival factions (1)
Inquisition, examination, quest, probe(noun)
An inquest into the department's poor performance (4)
Attribute, impute, refer, put down (verb)
To ascribe them specially to God would seem to us far-fetched (3)
Make stronger
We need to find some new players to beef up the team.
A mistake
They claimed it was simply (an) oversight.(1)
Disobey, defy, infringe
Who is supposed to have committed these transgressions?(3)
Covert, hidden, underlying
He claims he just wants to help Lisa but I suspect he has an ulterior motive
Instil,breathe, inject(verb)
The arrival of a group of friends on Saturday infused new life into the weekend(3)
There's no point quibbling about/over a couple of dollars
To inculcate this principle is the highest mission of the higher education
She recalled the halcyon days of her youth(2)
The subcommittee contends that the authorities were lax in investigating most of the cases(2)
Officially having the named position,bearer,holder.
The incumbent president faces problems which began many years before he took office.
It is incumbent upon (= necessary for) all of us to create a safe community
Recompense, propitiate (verb)
Each man should atone for his own sin (2)
Esoteric,recondite, arcane(adj)
This abstruse notion is the foundation of the Hegelian logic (2)
Facede,semblance, surface (noun)
Truthfulness is essential to culture, which, without it, will be only a veneer. (3)
Written statement of belifs, aims...
In their election manifesto, the Liberal Democrats proposed increasing taxes to pay for improvements in education.
He fell to them with only a perfunctory acknowledgment of my agency in procuring them(2)
Embrace,take up, adopt,support
He espoused conservative political views (4)
Salacious comment/look
In decline (adj)
The figures show a moribund remortgage market(1)
Comatose, dallying,dull, inactive (adj)
I repel the imputation that our race, as a class, is lazy and slothful(4)
The different offices will be amalgamated as/into employment advice centres
The project is being held in abeyance until agreement is reached on funding (2)
Discern,note,observe,make out,pick out(verb)
I think they can only descry them in virtue of the elementary blunders which they themselves have made.(3)
The country has a surfeit of cheap labour(2)
The FBI had the duty of obtaining evidence of subversive activity.(3)
Recession, decrease
The value of property has slumped(2)
Apprehension, consternation, palpitations,dismay(noun)
We view future developments with some trepidation(4)
The profligate use of antibiotics has led to the evolution of resistant bacteria.
Loss of memory is a natural concomitant of old age (noun)
A smug grin(2)
Some think it obvious that values are figments of our imagination or projections of our feelings, that talk about values is mere exclamation or prescription.
The most important fact in a situation
The bottom line is we don't have enough health care professionals.
Model,exempler, specimen
Some of these educators are hoping to produce a change in the current cultural paradigm
I’ve had two job offers, and I’m in a real quandary about/over which one to accept
I will not hesitate to identify countries which repeatedly and wantonly violate international law.
The treaty was abrogated in 1929.
I can't stand the way he's always carping