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History Germany 1890-1945 Chapter 1

In English

Created by:
Ellie Staples

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The unification of germany. The king of prussia became the kaiser

What happened in 1871?

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27 questions
Nearby countries would feel threatened
How did other countries feel abou Kaisers aims?
Chancellor, Bundesrat, Reichstag and the kaiser.
What are the 4 main parts of german parliamentry government?
To consult the kaiser over new laws
What was the role oft he Bundesrat?
Building up an industry
What is industrialisation?
In the late 1800's
When did Germany begin to industrialise?
The hated the fact that this money could have been used to improve living and working conditions of ordinary people
How did the Socialists react to the raise in taxes for increasing the size of the navy?
They admired the militaristic strength of the Kaiser
What did the Nationalists think of the naval laws and raise in taxes?
What year were the Naval laws passed?