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İngilizce Bağlaçlar

İngilizce Bağlaçlar / Linking Words and Conjunctions in English

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Learn English From Turkish
İngilizce Bağlaçlar


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(ve) paralellik.


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İngilizce Bağlaçlar - Details



116 questions
The moment
(dolayı, yüzünden)
Due to the fact that
(o yüzden)
For that reason
In the event
(madem ki)
Seeing that
As long as
As much as
(-se bile)
Even if
If only
(-se diye)
In case
(-e hâlinde)
Just in case
On condition that
(varsayalım ki)
Suppose (that)
Supposing that
(olsa bile)
Even though
Nasıl olursa olsun
No matter how
(olup olmadığını)
Whether or not