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Ks3 bio

In English

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Exciteful Macaw

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where an organism lives


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145 questions
Organisms that have better adapted
Which organisms have a better chance or survival
Bones and muscles and legs you move
What does the locomotor system consist of
So they are easy to move
Why are bones light
Containing bone marrow where bold cells are made
Why do bones have a hollow center
Animal cell
Draw and label a plant and animal cell
Muscle cells- shape to move things Fat cells- in animals store fat
What are the special functions in animal cells
Root hair cells- take in water Xylem cells - carry water
What are the special functions in plant cells
This is because your cells need more oxygen and glucose for respiration
Why does your breath rate and pulse rate increase when you exercise
What does breathing do to the lungs
Kilojoules (kJ)
What is the amount of energy measured in
What are starvation and obesity forms of
Deficiency diseases such as scurvy (lack of vitamin C)
What are other forms of malnutrition
What are the steps in the digestive system
Inside flowers
Where are reproductive organs contained in plants
Stamen and stigma
What two organs are involved in pollination
Genetic information contained in a code in DNA
What are organisms characteristics controlled by
James Watson and Francis crick
What scientists discovered the structure of DNA
A long molecule of DNA
What does each chromosome contain
How many different types of chromosomes are there in humans
Two copies
How many copies of each do most cells have
One copy
How many copies do gametes have
Change in physical environmental factors Competition from other organisms Disease Human activities (hunting, clearing habitats, using poison)
Changes in an ecosystem can cause species to become endangered or extinct this is usually due to
Number of species