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MCAT Psychology

In English

Created by:
Andee Liljegren

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1: Came up with the idea of Phrenology

Franz Gall

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82 questions
1. Sensory neurons 2. Motor neurons 3. Interneurons
What are the three kinds of nerve cells in the Nervous System?
Which kind of nerve cells are most prevalent in the body?
Brain and Spinal Cord
Components of the CNS
1. Sympathetic NS 2. Parasympathetic NS
Branches of the Autonomic NS
Thick Connective tissue covering brain and anchoring it to skull
1. Dura Mater 2. Arachnoid Mater 3. Pia Mater
3 layers of meninges from skull --> brain
1. Hindbrain 2. Midbrain 3. Forebrain
3 main subdivisions of brain
1. Hindbrain 2. Midbrain
Which two subdivisions of the brain compose the brainstem
3. Forebrain
Which subdivision of the brain is the LIMBIC SYSTEM found in?
Cerebral Cortex
What is the most recent evolutionary development of human brain?
Fancy name for hindbrain
Where the brain meets spinal cord
Where is Hindbrain located
1. myencephalon (medulla oblongata) 2. metencephalon (pons and cerebellum)
What does rhombencephalon divide into during development?
Above the medulla
Where is the Pons located?
Which structure's function does the consumption of alcohol impair
Fancy name for Midbrain
Fancy name for forebrain
1. Telencephalon 2. Diencephalon
What does the prosencephalon (Forebrain) split into during development
Which main subdivision of the brain forms the largest portion?
Rat refuses to eat and drink to the point of starvation and death
What happens to lab rats when the lateral hypothalamus is destroyed?
Rats become obese. Brain can not signal them to stop eating at proper time
How does a brain lesion on the ventromedial hypothalamus in rats impact their behavior?
Controls sexual behavior
Anterior hypothalamus function
Stimulated: they will mount anything damaged: permanent inhibition of sexual activity
What happens when anterior hypothalamus stimulated or destroyed in rats?
Cerebral cortex Basal Ganglia Limbic system
What does telencephalon differentiate to create?
1. Septal Nuclei 2. Amygdala 3. Hippocampus
What 3 structures compose the limbic system
Intensely pleasurable sensation Addiction is strong related to this portion of brain
What is the result of mildly stimulating the Septal Nuclei?
What structure allows the hippocampus to communicate with other portions of the limbic system
Anterograde amnesia
What kind of amnesia did HM's procedure leave him with?