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Gutenburg invents mechanpchalised printing press during mid 15th century. Enables potential for widespread publishing.

What is the ‘Gutenberg Revolution’?

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26 questions
18th century
What century did newspapers print?
Between 1853-61
When did the government scrap the Stamp?
More focus on 'human interest' stories.
What was different about the reporting of editor Stead’s Pall Mall Gazette?
Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Mirror
Which mainstream newspapers launched in the 20th Century?
Launched 1900, Max Aitken 1916 (who became Lord Beaverbrook)
When did the Daily express launch and by who?
Harmsworth, 1903
Who and when was the Daily Mirror launched?
Hugh Cudlipp, 1964
Who Relaunched the daily herald as the sun and when?
Rupert Murdoch 1969
Who bought and then made a success of the sun in 1969?