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A formal declaration before a duly authorized officer by a person who has executed an instrument that such execution is his act and deed.


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69 questions
135 of the executive law
Where is the notary's general authority defined
A Deposition
What can't be taken on a sunday?
4-6 weeks
How long will the notary ID card be issued after application?
County Clerk
Name change must be notified to whom?
Fee for a non-marital status name change or address change
3 months prior to the expiration
Renewing notary applicants must begin the process when?
File a Certificate of Official Character with Stueben county
A notary lives in Ontario county but works in stueben county. she notarizes documents signed while at work and often needs to have her signature authenticated. what can she do in order to have this done in stueben county instead of ontario?
Identified the signer with valid ID if not personally known by the Notary
When taking an acknowledgment from a signer the Notary partly guarantees having:
Has a law degree and has passed the bar examination in the state where he/she practices
A Notary Public CANNOT give legal advice EXCEPT when he/she
Are commissioned at the discretion of the Secretary of State under Executive Laws
All persons commissioned as notaries public in New York