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Angela Kelle

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Philosophy - Details



71 questions
3 beliefs about Socrates
Sophist, impiety, weaker argument stronger
First questions Socrates asked about corrupting youth and their answer
Who is a good influence on youth. Everybody but Socrates
Two reactions to his death sentence
Mistake they'll regret. Gaun a bad reputation amd lose his services
What are the 3 characteristics of the forms
Transcendent, eternal, true cause of knowledge
Book definition of philosophy
Attempt to formulate a rational, coherent, complete and applicable explanation of human experience
Synonyms for forms(4)
Ideas, ideals, itself, intelligibles
How are sophists different from philosophers(3)
Charges to teach, don't believe in truth, look like it
List the philosophers in order of teacher to student
Socrates-Plato-Aristotle-Alexander the Great
What type of philosopher was Diogenese and explain
Cynic - ridiculed societal values and customs
Why does Socrates compare himself to a gadfly
Just as a gadfly stings a lazy horse, he provokes athens to seek further knowledge
What does socrates think happens at the end of life(2)
Nothingness and soul's journey into heaven
What was the apology
Justification instead of being sorry
What do the shadows represent
Particulars/lower forms
What do the prisoners represent
People at the sense level
What is recollection
Period in between lives when the soul is with the forms
3 Reasons the soul immortal
Soul rules body, life and death are a cycle, soul is not a compound like the body so it is not broken down
Why did Socrates wants to pay a cock before he dies
He's been healed from humanity or Plato was sick and wanted him to be healed
How does Aristotle disagree with Plato on the forms
Believes form and matter are inseparable
Name the four causes
Material, formal, efficient, final
What is the deficiency and excess temperance
Insensitivity and intemperence
Is happiness objective or subjective why
Objective cuz one can be wrong about it
3 rules of guidance to being virtuous
Avoid the extreme. Note errors your're likely to make. Be careful of pleasure
3 criteria in order for an action to be virtuous
Know what he is doing. do it freely and for the sake of the action. firm and unchanging character
How does virtue compare to the arts
They both require technique practice
Define Aristotle's paradox
One must practice virtuous act in order to be virtuous but wouldnt one already be virtuous if they did virtuous things
Answer to paradox
Accidental good actions are not virtuous actions
What is moral education
Letting children feel pain and pleasure in order to practise virtues
One swallow does not make a spring means
One good does not make a happy fluorished life