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Power and The People

In English

Created by:
Carys Carpenter

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-Bad leader - lost money and land in france -Scutage - increased when barons didn't turn up for war -Fell out with Pope - church services suspended - scared people -Invasion risk - conflict with Pope -Barons rebelled - Forced to negotiate

Reasons for Conflict - John and Barons (5)

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86 questions
When and where Magna Carta was signed
Runnymeade, June 19th 1215
How old was Henry III when he became king?
1234 and he'd already had problems with them.
When did Henry rule on his own? And what was his relationship with the Barons like?
He was ruthless and brutal, 1248
How did Simon de Montfort reclaim French lands and in what year?
-Barons won -King captured and Prince Ed imprisoned
2nd Barons' War 1264 - Battle of Lewes (2)
Percentage of people brought before Justices of the Peace for breaking Statute of Labourers 1377-79
Percentage of English land owned by monasteries
£200,000 - Nearly double Henry's
Annual income of monasteries (what was this compared to Henry's?)
Valor Ecclesiasticus
What did Cromwell set up to evaluate monastery finances
What year was the Great Reform Act passed?
Thomas Attwood
Who was the leader of the Birmingham Political Union
How many times did the House of Lords defeat Earl Grey's attempt for reform act?
They now had more power and representation
Why was it popular with the middle class?
They couldn't vote because they averaged at around £50 a year
Why was the Great Reform Act unpopular with the working class?
Henry Hunt
Who did those at the Peterloo massacre gather to hear speak?