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science test review feb2020

In English

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Joy Taylor

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what is an ecosystem?

it is a community of living/non living organisms interacting with each other

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25 questions
What is an ecosystem?
It is a community of living/non living organisms interacting with each other
What is a biome?
Its a large geographical region that has similar ecosystems
+what are five examples of biomes
Desert, grassland, tundra, tropical rainforest, freshwater
What is abiotic? Give one example
It is the nonliving factors that influence a living thing E.G.water
What is biotic? give one example
It is the living organisms in the environment e.g. insects
What is photosynthesis
It is the transfer of light (sun) energy to chemical energy. The plant uses this energy as fuel
What five things provide energy to the plant
-sun -water -chlorophyll -nutrients in soil -carbon dioxide in air
What is a four ways in which plants use food?
-Food nutrients move through the plant by sap -Food energy is stored in roots -Food is used for plant growth -Food is used for energy
What is a food chain
Its the order of organisms in which food is transferred
Draw a food chain with five trophic levels
Hawk - snake - frog - grasshopper - wheat
What is a food web
Its all the food chains within an eco system interacting with each other
What is a food pyramid?
It represents the loss of energy throughout the trophic levels
Draw a food pyramid with four trophic levels
Human -birds -grasshopper -wheat
What does photo mean and what does synthesis mean
Photo-light synthesis- putting together
What is ecological succession and use a forest fire to describe that process
It is when a change happens within an ecosystem and that eco system slowly grows back over time -a forest fire occurs-the trees,shrubs, grass and insects are burned -animals disappear -slowly,grasses shrubs,insects ,small animals came back,until it climaxes and returns to its former self