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Social studies chap 2

In English

Created by:
Agrata Paudel

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an existing way of doing things

status quo

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26 questions
Why did artists start signing their work
Art was becoming marketable (for profit)
What did Nicolaus Copernicus prove during his lifetime
The earth and all the other planets revolved around the sun.
How do humanists ideas shape your life
Humanism teaches me to be a good citizen and that learning makes everyone smarter and better.
What did Johannnes Gutenburg do?
Invented the printing press.
What did Leonardo DaVinci do?
He painted the famous Mona Lisa. He invented multipule things such as the parachute, tank, cannon, helicopter and many more.
How did renaissance art change with the increased focus on Humanism
These new techniques were directly influenced by the humanist focus on earthy details and realism, as well as a need for artists to develop their own ideas of how things should look.
What is petarch known for?
Translating Greek and Roman texts and premoting their study