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The Evolution of Nursing

In English

Created by:
Rose Kin

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What were hospitals called in the early 19th century?


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57 questions
What did the Nightingale plan consist of?
Nurses education documention and training.
Dorothea Dix 1802-1887
Pioneer crusader for the elevation of standards of care fo the mentally ill. Superintendant of Female Nurses of the Union Army.
Clara Barton 1821- 1912
Developed the American Red Cross in 1881
Mary Ann Ball 1817 - 1901
A heroine of the Civil War. Championed rights and comforts for the soldiers; organized diet kitchens, launderies,ambulance service;and supervised nursing staff.
Linda Richards 1841 - 1930
First trained nurse in America. responsible for the development of the first nursing and hospital records. Credited with the developement of our present day documentation system.
Isabel Hampton Robb 1859-1910
Organized the first graded system of therory and practice in the schools of nursing. One of the founders of th American Journal of Nursing.
Lavinia Dock 1858 - 1956
Responsible with Robb for the organization of the American Society of Superintendants of Training Schools. Which evolved into the National League of Nursing Education.
Mary Eliza Mahoney 1845 - 1926
Graduated fron the New England Hospital for Women and Children in 1879, becoming the first African American proffessional nurse. Worked for the acceptance of African Americans in the nursing profession.
Lillian D. Wald 1867 - 1940
Responsible for the developement of public health nursing in the United States, through the founding of the Henry Street Settlement in New York City.
Mary Adelaide Nutting 1858 - 1948
A leader in nursing education. Developed curriculum concepts and guidelines for student nurses. Assisted in the development of the International Council of Nurses.
Mary Breckenridge 1881 - 1965
Pioneer in nurse midwifery. Established the Frontier Nursing Service to deliver obstetric care to mothers in the hills of Kentucky; these nurses traveled horseback to reach the mothers.
Leading Nurse Theorist
Nightingale 1860-Orem1971-Leininger1978-Roy1979-Parse1981-Benner and wrubel1989
An abnormal process in which aspects of the social, emotional, or intellectual condition or function of a person are diminished or impared.
The federal law governing patient privacy is the Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996. Which mandates national standards for protecting all verbal and documented health information.
Define Laws
Prescribe proper behavior on society
Define Liable
Legally responsible
Define abandonment of care.
Wrongful termination of providing patient care.
Define assault
An intentional threat to cause bodily harm to another;does not have to include actual bodily contact.
Define battery
Ulawful touching of another without informed consent
Define harm
Injury to a person or the persons property that gives rise to a basis for a legal action against the person who caused damage.
Define libel
A malicousor untrue writing about another personnthat is brought to the attention of others
Failure to meet a legal duty, thus causing harm to another.
Define negligence
The commission(doing) of an act or the omission (not doing) of an act that a reasonably prudent person would have performend in a similar situation, thus causing harm to another person.
Malicious or untrue spoken words about another person that are brought to the attention of others.
A type of civil law that invokes wrongs against a person or property; tortes include negigence, assualt, battery, defamation, fraud, false imprisionment,and invasion of privacy.
What are the Seven Nursing Errors that are Preventable include?
Failure to: Collaborate with others. Clarify iterdisciplinary orders. Ask for and offer assistance. Utilize evidence based performance. Communicate information to patients and families. Limit overtime. Adequately staff patient care units with appropriately credentialed staff.
What is the Doctrine of Informed Consent?
A full disclosure of the facts the patient needs to make an intelligent informed decision. Before any invasive treatment or procedure is preformed
Healthcare institutions are obligated to uphold the patients rights to:
Access healthcare without any prejudge. Treatment with respect and dignity at all times. Privacy and confidentiality.nPersonal safety. And complete information about ones own condition and treatment.
The Patients resposiblity to the healthcare institution are
To provide accurate information about themselves. Give information about thier known condition. And participate in decision making regarding treatment and care.
Ethics refer to
Values that influence behavior and the individuals feelings and beliefs about what is right or wrong.
Advanced directives are?
Signed and witnessed documents that provide spacific instructions for healthcare treatment if a person is unable to make these decisionspersonally at the time they are needed.
What is Durable Power of Attorney?
Someone designated by the patient to make healthcare decisions on thier behalf based on the patients wishes.
What is a Living Will?
A written document that directs treatment in accordance with the patience wishes, in the event of a terminal illness or condition.
Leading Nurse Theoriest Florance Nightingale tought?
A patient's environment, including noise control, nutrition, hygiene, lighting, comfort, socialization and hope led to recouperation and healing.
Nurse Theoriest Orem Tought?
To care for and help a patient attain total self-care. This is self care deficit theory. Nursing become necessary when patient is unable to fufill biologic psychological developmental or social needs
Nurse Theoriest Leininger Tought?
To provide care consistant with the nurses emerging science and knowledge, with caring as the central focus. In this transcultural care theory caring is the central and unifying domain for nursing knowledge and practice.
Nurse Theorist Roy Tought?
To identify types of demands placed on patients, assess adaption to demads and help patients adapt.
Nurse Theorist Parse Tought?
To focus on humans as unitary living beings and humanitys qualitive participation with the health experiance(nursing as a science and art). Humans continually interact with the enviroment and participate in the maintenance of health. Health is a continual open process rather than a state of well being or absence of disease.
Nurse Theorist Benner and Wrubel Tought?
To focus on the patients needs for caring as a means of coping with stressors of illness. Caring is central to the essance of nursing. Caring create the possibilities for coping and enables possibilities for connecting with and concern for others.
What is the NAPNE?
National Association of Practical Nurse Education.
#1 in Maslows Hierarchy include?
Physiologic, nutrition,elimination,oxygenation,sexuality.
#2 In Maslows Hierarchy include?
Safety and security. Stability protection securityfreedom from fear and anxiety.
#3 In Maslows Hierarchy include?
Love and Belongingness. Affectiion acceptance by peers and community.
#4 In Maslows Hierarchy include?
Esteem. Self respect self confidence and feelings of self worth.
#5 In Maslows Hierarchy include?
Self Actualization. Full use of individual talents.
Defensive Medicine is ?
When docters become overly cautious out of fear a claim, and order costly tests and procedures not because they are medically necessary but to protect thenselves..
Preventive medicine is?
Acute awareness and education. Educating patients about diet disease and abuses that lead to the disease and how to prevent them.
What is a claims made policy?
A type of policy that provides protection when the claim for nursing or negligence is made while the policy is in force.(Furing the policy period or during the extended coverage period.)
Occurrence - based policy
A type of policy that protects against claims made about events that occurred during the policy period or the extended coverage period.
Tail Agreement
Offers extended coverage for periods when a nurse is exposed to professional liabilities but no longer has a claims made policy
Define Euthanasia
The withholding of life saving treatment and care. (Letting a person die.)
Invasion of Privacy.
The legal concept of invasion of privacy involves a persons right to be left alone and remain anonymous if he or she chooses. Consent for treatment does not waive the right to privacy.
Define Values.
Values are a persons personal beliefs about the worth of an object an idea a custom or an attitude. Values vary amoung people and cultures they develope over time and undergo change in response to changing circumstances and necessity.