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Vet Nursing

A course for veterinary nursing

In English
Vet Nursing

Created by:
Melissa Phillips

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A cat has a urine output of what?


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199 questions
The sub stage iris diaphragm controls what?
Amount of light past the condenser
What does a PCV do?
Determines the percentage of blood occupied by red blood cells
When should a red microhaematocrit tube be used?
Non Anti-coagulated Blood Sample
An increase in specific gravity could mean ....
Renal failure, Dehydration and Fluid Loss
Leukocytes may be seen in urine if what is occurring?
Inflammation, i.e cystitis or stones
What is the life stage of an erythrocyte?
Erythroblast, Normoblast, Reticulocyte, Erythrocyte
Name the two types of lymphocytes?
B-Lymphocytes and T-Lymphocytes
An equine tracheal wash would be performed if the following symptoms were seen
Epistaxis, Discharge, Dysphagia or Respiratory Noise
Name the requirements needed for bacterial growth?
Water, Essential Nutrients, Correct pH, Correct temperature, Correct Gaseous Environment
Chocolate agar contains what?
Blood that's heated to 80 degrees celsius
Who will draw up the local rules?
The radiation protection advisor
Who can't do X-Rays?
People under 16, Owners and Pregnant Women
Where will a dosemeter be worn?
On the body, under lead aprons / On the Collar or Sleeve
What should you not do with PPE?
No folding, or crumpling of PPE
Define Wavelength
Distance between a point on one wave and the same point on the next wave
Define Frequency
The number of waves produced by a source each second
Define semantic affects
Cell damages that pass on to succeeding cell generations
Why do you use Tungsten?
Very high melting point
What is kilo voltage (kV)?
Potential Difference between Cathode and Anode
What does emulsion do in radiographic film?
Responsible for producing image
What does subbing do?
Sticks emulsion to base layer
Emulsion contains what type of crystals?
Silver Bromide crystals in gelatin
What are grids?
Series of thin strips of lead between material allowing the passage of X-Rays
How are parallel grids aligned?
Lead strips parallel across the grid
How are focussed grids aligned?
Strips are Vertical Centrally but slope on either side
How are crossed grids aligned?
Strips in cross fashion
When are crossed grids used?
Practices where high definition is needed
What causes shading on X-Rays?
Tissues absorb different amounts of primary beam depending on structure