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WW2 turning points Y9

In English

Created by:
Lucas Lillistone

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What did the Germans begin to construct as the Battle Of Britain began?

Street decorations for the homecoming troops

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29 questions
By June 30th, how many supplies had landed on the beaches?
148,000 vehicles and 570,000 tons of supplies
What countries did the resulting push from the allies liberated?
France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and access to German
Start Date
10th July 1940
End Date
31st October 1940
3 months and 3 weeks
German plane losses
1,977 aircraft destroyed
British plane losses
1,744 aircraft destroyed
Tanks and artillery Germany invaded with
3,000 tanks, 7,000 artillery
How many tanks and artillery did the Soviets have?
11,000 tanks and an estimated 7,500 aircrafts
When did it end?
7th January 1942
What was the A-A line?
The imaginary line running between a Soviet city in the North and a Soviet town in the south that the Germans aimed to reach.
Why was Pearl Harbour important?
Germany and Italy declare war on America
When was Pearl Harbour?
December 7th 1941
How did it help Britain?
It gave Britain another ally and economic support to carry on fighting.