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Forum: Spaced Repetition / Algorithms
Merging levels

Katie Moginie
Katie Moginie
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Hi there, Is it possible, while using the flashcard mode, to receive questions from all levels within a chapter at one time (without exiting and going on to the next level)? For example, I have about seven levels each with about thirty flashcards, and ideally, I would want to go through all cards, then when I go through a second time it prioritizes those I don't know out of all flashcards, rather than those just in a specific level? I've looked through settings and can't seem to find an option for this.. let me know if you have any ideas that could help! Cheers 😃


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Memory Support
Memory Support
I try my best to answer all your problems.

Level: 8
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It's a good idea, but there is no currently an option to learn questions across multiple levels. For now, it would be a case of either 1) moving all questions to the same level, or 2) learning (answer correctly) the questions level by level in learn mode - from then on, practice mode from the course dashboard will learn all questions throughout the course in order of priority.
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