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level: Volcano

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Volcano

A rupture in the crust of planetary-mass object such as Earth that allows hot lava, volcanic ash and gases to escape from magma chamber below the surface.Volcano
Grandest type of volcano with shallowly-slope sidesShield
Most common type of volcano which was built by multiple eruptions and known for its symmetric cone shape.Composite
Tend to be small, hill sized volcanoes characterized with cone-shaped peaks associated with a lava-spewing eruption.Cinder
Most catastrophic types of volcano, shaped more like an inverse volcanoCaldera
A product of the quiet effusion of molten rock or magma from beneath a volcano.Lava Flow
Gases that expand enormously when magma rises to the surgace and erupts.Volcanic Gases
These are forced out through the vent along with ash and aerosol droplets.Volcanic Gases
List of Volcanic GasesCarbon Dioxide
Fragmented version of lava flow which is hot and moves tremendously fast at the speed of 700kph.Pyroclastic Flow
Hot mixture of frash lava, gas, rock, pumice, and ash that move down the sides of volcanic crater at a high speed during an explosion also known as "glowing avalance"Pyroclastic Flow
Volcanic materials directly ejected from the volcano's vent with force and trajectory.Balistic Projectile and Tephra Fall
Volcanic material and lava materials which are smaller in size that are ejected into the air duing explotions carried upward by eruption column's hot gases or lava fountains.Tephra Fall
Special kind of tephra which have a better diameterBalistic Projectile
Mixture of broken glass and pulverized rockAsh
Little stones mixed with finer ashesLapilli
Come from fresh magmaVolcanic Bombs
Type of tephra fall and ballisitic projectile wherein chips of the walls of the volcanic ventVolcanic Blocks
Small Pieces of solidified lava formed in the shape of tears, it is jet-black in color and often found at the end of Pele's hair.Pele's Tears
Thin strand of volcanic glass fiberPele's Hair
Super heated, highly pressurized rock that is violently ejected from a volcano.Pumice
Dark-colored volcanic rock with bigger vesiclesScoria
An indonesian term that describes a hot or cold mixture of water, ash and rock fragments that flows down the slopes of a volcanoLahar
Magma type of shield volcanoBasaltic
Magma type of Composite volcanoAndesitic
Magma type of Cinder volcanoDacitic
Magma type of Caldera volcanoRhyolitic