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Questions and Answers List

level questions: Level 1

What is music?art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time
What is music used for?entertainment, education, art, personality defining, accompanies celebrations, helps brain develop
How is music used for education?aids memory + transmits messages
Pitchfrequency of sound
Melodyarrangement of notes
Harmonypleasant sound of notes played together
Beatsingle unit of time
Meternumber of beats to a measure
Rhythmarrangement of beats within a bar
Dynamicschanges in volume
Texturehow sounds are layered
Timbreunique quality of a sound
pitch: low notes are called...bass
pitch: high notes are called...soprano
harmony: a group of notes is called...chords
harmony: a three-note chord is called...triad
harmony: first, third, fifth chordmajor chord
meter: 4/4 refers to...4 quarter notes per bar
meter: 3/4 is... and refers to...waltz time, 3 quarter notes per bar
tempo: pop music is ... BPM100 to 130
fast tempo ... heartrateaccelerates
slow tempo induces...a sense of calm
What does a key change create?feeling of "upward" movement
melody: higher notes are perceived as...lifting
What creates emotion?artist's voice, melody, harmonies, rhythm and tempo, overall sound (different timbres), lyrics
What are sounds?vibrations