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How many books are there in the New Testament?27
What is the common name given to the first four books of the New Testament?the Gospels
Which of the following are NOT one of the first four books of the New Testament? (luke/james/mark/matthew)James
Who wrote most of the books in the New Testament?Paul
Which of these are NOT books in the New Testament? (john/Thessalonians/peter/corinthians)Peter
Which of these women is mentioned in the New Testament? (Sarai/Rebekah/Hannah/Martha)Martha
Which of these books comes first in the New Testament (relative to the others)? (Romans/Revelation/Esphesians/Hebrews)Romans
Which of these books comes last in the New Testament? (Colossians/The acts/Galatians/Revelation)Revelation
In what city was Jesus born?Bethlehem
What type of insect did John the Baptist eat in the desert?Locusts
Who were the first apostles called to follow Jesus?Peter and Andrew
How many people did Jesus feed with five loaves of bread and two fish?about 5000 men
After Jesus was arrested, which apostle disowned him three times?Peter
Who recognized Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented at the Temple as a baby?Simeon
Who asked Pilate for Jesus’ body after the crucifixion?Joseph of Arimathea
What Books Are In The Synoptic Gospels?Mark
What Does The Gospels Lead Us To Accept?Accept Jesus In Faith And Apply His Teaching To Our Lives
Was The Gospels A Story/Narrative?Yes
What Is The Heart Of The New Testament And Of The Entire Bible For Christian?The Gospels
Who Wrote The Gospels?Written By People Who Were Totally Convinced That Jesus Was And Is The Messiah To Proclaim It To The World
What Was The First Gospel Writtn?Mark In 65 CE
What Does Mark Show?Shows A Very Human, Suffering Servant God
Was Mark Low Or High Christology?Low
Who Wrote Revelation?John Of Patmos
Jesus Is The New..."Adam"
Was Revelation Written In Coded Language?Yes
Why Was It Written In Coded Language?To Give Hope To Christian Facing Persecution At The Hands Of The Romans
What Was The Message Of Revelation?Good (God/Jesus) Will Win Out Over Bad (Roman Empire/Others) In The End
What King Of Argument Does The Epistles Make?Theological Argument
What Is The Literary Form Of The Epistles Taken From?The Greeks
What Do The Apostles And Other Leaders Proclaim?Jesus's Message
The Story Of The Eastern Christian Church, Is In What Book Of The Bible?Acts Of The Apostles