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level: Simple sentences with animals

Questions and Answers List

Learn basic sentences related to animals and expand your vocabulary

level questions: Simple sentences with animals

I have a bearYo tengo un oso
I don't have an elephantNo tengo un elefante
I have three ducksYo tengo tres patos
I do not have a catYo no tengo un gato
I want a dogYo quiero un perro
I don't want a mouseYo no quiero un ratón
I want some catsYo quiero algunos gatos
I don't want a ratNo quiero una rata
I have some monkeysTengo unos monos
I want the tigerQuiero el tigre
I want a rabbitQuiero un conejo
I don't have a lionYo no tengo un león
He has a donkeyTiene un burro