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level: Counseling/SLP Midterm - Weeks 1 and 2

Questions and Answers List

Weeks 1 and 2

level questions: Counseling/SLP Midterm - Weeks 1 and 2

the right to control the direction of one's lifeautonomy definition
honoring commitments and keeping promisesfidelity
dealing truthfully with othersveracity
avoiding actions that cause harmnonmaleficence
treating others with equality and fairnessjustice
autonomy nonmaleficence beneficence justice fidelity veracityWhat are the fundamental principles of ethical behavior?
empathy acceptance genuineness embracing and wellness perspective cultural competence the IT factor belief in a theory competentcogntiive complexityWhat are 9 characteristics of effective counselors?
consistency rapport flexibilitywhat three things constitute a relationship?
view of human natureMost important aspect of theory development is ...
They help ground us and evolves our understandingWhy do we need theories?
psychodynamic existential-humanistic cognitive-behavioral systems-relational post-modern eclecticParadigms are...
Behavioral humanistic existentialism cognitiveWhat are the comtempoary theories of counseling?
How cognitive and behavior affect personality, behaviors and emotional states. The here and now--> short term small steps to change human behaviorWhat is cognitive-behavioral therapy?
focuses on the conscious and unconscious and how it affects functioning and drive. focusing on past relationships in early child development (past influences the present) "original psychology"what is the psychodynamic theory?
Examining the choices that help us make meaning and purpose in life. make new choices in life! Here and now Based on current relationships and how they react to other people in the world is seen based on how they react to you.What is existential humanistic theory?
Understanding human behavior in the context of the larger system How family, feminist, racial systems affected them as a person.What is Systems theories?
social constructivist lens "multiple truths" the "why me?" attitude short term -- less than 5 weekspostmodern theory definition
Creating a core theory by integrating elements from different approaches A mix Discouraged as beginning counselors Understanding the the underpinnings of what you are doing and when and why you are doing itWhat is the eclectic or integrative approach?
even though we are mixed we stay true to our identities ethnocentric worldview no owning/ confronting. knowing your own privilege ignoring institutional racismmulticultural contexts
see the world only through your lenswhat is the ethnocentric worldview?
how you see the world how you explain human behavior your own personal filter for how you see realityA paradigm is a framework of thought for what three reasons?
behaviorists humanists existentialist cognitivistFour paradigms that Luterman highlights are...
conditioned responses to the environmentBehaviorist
relationship is key-- seeking to growhumanist
client struggling with great issues in life, loneliness, and meaninglessnessexistentialist
faulty assumptions/thoughts about the worldcognitivist
a professional relationship the empowers individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goalsWhat is counseling ?
highly-skilled professionals who provide flexible, client oriented therapyWho are clinical mental health counselors?
psychotherapy and problem solving approachWhat do counselors combine when treating clients? Two things..
here and now- short term less intensive than psychotherapy different titles different types credential criteria differs --> NCC (nationally certified counselor)How is counseling different from SW, psychology, psychiatry and other mental health professionals?
NO but it other states they cancan NY counselors assess or diagnose?
psychiatrywhat mental health profession was the starting point?
CACREP the Council for Accreditation Counseling and Related Educational ProgramsWhat is the counseling version of ASHA?
Enhancing human development honoring diversity and embracing multiculturalism approach promoting social justice respecting the counselor-client relationship Practicing competent and ethical behaviorsWhat are the 5 core values of counseling?