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adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life). Another meaning is marryEspouse
steal or misappropriate (money placed in one's trust or belonging to the organization for which one works).Embezzle
belief about something or desire or an impulseNotion
a large or excessive amount of somethingPlethora
job or business deal is very profitableLucrative
GoodAmazing, Brilliant, Marvellous, Wonderful, Tremendous, Outstanding
BadAppalling, Awful, Atrocious, Catastrophic, Calamitous, Detrimental, Disastrous, Dreadful, Terrible, Futile
A pointless effortFutile
InterestingFascinating, Stimulating, Inspiring, Noteworthy
BigColossal, Huge, Major, Substantial, Large, Emormous, Massive, Gigantic, Immense, Mammoth
Very BigIncredibily Large, Humongous
SmallTiny, Minute, Insignificant, Minor, Minuscule
RichAffluent, Wealthy, Well-off, Prosperous, Thriving, Moneyed class, Cash-Rich, Luxurious, Opulent
An Expensive mealA Sumptuous Meal
PoorDestitute, Deprived, Dispossessed, Disadvantaged, Less Well off, Underprevileged, Poverty-stricken, those living in poverty/ below poverty line, Impoverished, Indegent
ThinkConvinced, Consider, Fervently / Wholeheartedly believe, Are of the option, Reckon
Extremely devoted or To have intense affectionFervent
Be of the optionReckon
VeryAwfully, Extremely, Incredibly, Tremendously
A lot ofA significant number of, A huge proportion of, A sizable Quantity of, A large amount of, A heap of, An Ample amount of, A considerable amount of,
Not many / Not muchA Tiny proportion of, An insignificant amount of
MostThe vast majority of, A significant proportion of, A huge percentage of
ProblemDifficulties, Matter, Issue, Dilemma, Debate, Controversy
PeopleThe number of individuals, Human beings, Citizens, Experts, The inhabitants of the most regions of the world, The general public, Social commentators, Mortals, Folks, Children, Men, Women
a disorderly crowd; a mob.Rabble (he was met by a rabble of noisy, angry youths or a rabble of butterflies)