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level questions: Level 1

CLSIWhat national agency sets standards for the lab?
plantarwhich term means the bottom of the heel?
bacteria or other microorganism in the bloodwhat is septicimia?
allen test, radial artery, ulner artery.checking for collateral circulation involves the:
refluxbackflow of the blood from collection tube into the vein
QA indicatorsmonitors all aspects of care
the number of redraws shall not exceed 2% of all drawsExample of a QA indicator
peak levelscollected for drug toxicity of amminoglycocides
inadequate tube inversionsmicro clots in a sample can be caused by
anticoagulant tubesplasma samples must be collected in ...
thinnest area of a blood smear slidewhat is a feathered edge?
arterial bloodcapillary blood more closely resembles
mental impairment, skin changes, combativenesschallenges of geriatric blood collection
pericardialfluid that surrounds the heart
are forensic, require chain of custody, may use a temp. stripurine drug screens
arterializedterm for specimen with increased arterial content
skin antisepsismost important aspect of blood culture collection
anaerobicwhich blood culture bottle is collected first when using a syringe
arteriospasmarterial contraction resulting from pain irritation by needle or anxiety
femoralartery accessed by a physician or other qualified personnel
a cardiac proteinwhat is troponin
CBCwhich of these tests is collected in an EDTA?
not identifying the patientwhat is the most critical error a phlebotomist can make?
scraping blood off the fingerwhich is NOT a correct method for microtainer collection?
ulnarwhich artery is released first when performing an allen test
civil actionslegal actions in which a party sues for monetary damages
hemolysis and osteochondritis (inflammation of the bone and cartilage)puncturing too deep with a lancet during a finger or heel stick
NOT hematoly, chemistry and bloodbankwhich tube must be filled 9:1 ratio of blood to AC
type of specimen in the containernon-blood body fluids must be labeled with what additional information?
accession code numberwhat is used to identify the specimen throughout testing?
latrogenic anemiawhich condition would be an allowable choice for capillary collection?
heparinized syringewhich of these is an appropriate ABG supply?
collection after cleansing the genital areawhat is meant by a "clean catch" urine specimen?
anyone that is not of age of majoritywhats the def. of a minor?
elevated WBCwhich of these is not result of a specimen agitation and rough handling?
absence of an additive in a tube, manufacturer-suggested inversions, type of additive in the tubethe number of tube inversions determined by
finger tipan example of distal would be
PKUtest only performed on capillary blood
binds or chelates calciumhow does EDTA prevent coagulation
chorahexidine gluconatewhat antiseptic is used on infants 2 months and older for BC?
PST/ heparinwhich additive is used to collect electrolytes
high blood pressurewhich is not a complication of an arterial puncture?
fibrin strands (clot) form in the serumresult of a specimen spun before is is fully clotted
potassiumhemolysis can erroneously elevate
potassiummuscle function is most affected by
EDTAwhich tube is used to collect a B-type natriuretic peptide?
invasion of privacybreach of confidentiality is also
TJCaccredits healthcare organizations
37 degrees Cwhich is considered body temperature
STAT, TIMED, ASAP, ROUTINEwhat is the correct order of priority when collecting specimens?
serumwhat is the top layer of non-additve sun blood specimen?
Sodium (NA) citratewhich tube additve is not an additive in microtainers?
wrapped in a bagged slurry of ice and waterwhat is the best way to chill a specimen?
aliquotportion of a specimen being tested
2 hr PPwhich test is used for a routine screening test for glucose metabolism?
hemochromatosiswhich condition would require withdrawing a unit of blood from a patient?
in a steady statea patient has had no suction or respirator changes for 20-530 min is considered
3o minhow long must you wait before you spin down a serum specimen?
a positive allen testwhen the blood flows back into the hand with 15 sec, its considered
chemistry/immonology, microbiology, cell countswhat order are tubes filled with a CSF specimen?