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India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Bhutan,Nepal,Sri Lanka, and Maldives.List the countries of South Asia-
a large landmass that is part of a continent.Define subcontinent-
Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Himalaya { Mount Everest .}Three major mountain ranges are?
Tectonic plate movements, that broke from Africa and eventually slammed into South Asia.How were these mountain ranges formed?
A pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan that was/is used for trading, and conquering armies.What is a Khyber Pass?
India= Iron ore,Manganese, Chromite, and it makes steel. Pakistan = Limestone to make cement. Pakistan + Bangladesh + natural gas.Three examples of South Asia using their natural resources.
Indus and Ganges.Two important rivers in South Asia-
Population is increasing, when 20% of the population is on 3% land, supplies of fresh water are low, and air pollution from energy sources and vehicles.Explain three environmental problems facing South Asia-
Seasonal winds that create the three seasons hot, wet, and cool.Define Monsoons-
A weather disaster. An intense tropical storm with high winds and heavy rains.Define Cyclones-
Indus River ValleyThe first civilization of South Asia is called?
Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.The major cities of the Indus River Valley are called?
Organized streets, ceremonial gateways, grain storage buildings, plumbing, and brick buildings.The Harappa and Mohenjo Daro had...
Earthquakes, floods, river changing course, and climate change.The main reasons of the decline of the Harappa and Mohenjo Daro cities were...
1500 B.C.The Aryans started in...
Northern South Asia.What region did the Aryans start from?
Sanskrit/Vedas.What's the language of the Aryans and holy text?
Society divided into social groups in which your family remained for generations, and can't change.Definition of Caste system.
Caste system diagram shown below..The diagram of the Caste system...
One of the oldest religions, third biggest religion, warships many gods, eternal spirit is called Brahman which is the most important god, believes every soul wants to be reunited with Brahman they achieve this by reincarnation, reincarnation is being reborn after ever-life which makes the soul more pure each time. They also perform there duty to make sure their lives are better [ Dharma .] Each caste has its own dharma, and they believe if they have a good karma they'll be closer to Brahman in their next life.Hinduism notes...
Asoka becomes a famous emperor and becomes a Buddhist, trade and culture thrived, After Asoka died invasions led to the fall of the empire.Mauryan Empire notes...
Northern India, age when learning science, math, medicine, and the arts thrived; Hindu rulers.Gupta Empire notes...
Muslim warriors from the North, lowered taxes and supported the arts, treated people fairly, and freedom of religion from Hindus.Mogul Empire Notes...
Introduced British/ European ideas and practices, controlled South Asia through military might, felt superior to South Asian people.The beginning of British Rule..
Were resentful because they thought the British was trying to change their culture.Why did the people of India grow resentful?
In 1857, Indian soldiers rebelled against the British.Example of rebellion in India-
Well run government, founded schools, built railroads, bridges and ports, and telegraph and postal service.Positive changes of British Rule
Destroyed local textile industry { economy }, taxes fell heavily on the poor, harsh leadership/ racism - only minor health care advances.Hardships for South Asians-
Mohandas Ghandi opposed violence and used nonviolent civil disobediene to gain sympathy for movments. He boycotted british goods.The independance movments that spread across South Asia in the 1900's...
The British can't keep India as a colony, split lands into sections, India would be Hindu controlled, East and West Pakistan became muslim controlled, fighting erupted when migrated, then East Pakistan became Bangladesh, and West Pakistan stayed as Pakistan.What did ww 2 do to South Asia?
Kashmir have sparked several wars, they both have nuclear weapons pointed at each other which causes tension to the whole world.India and Pakistan today..
The population is 1.5 billion people.South Asia's population
Improved medical and health care, lower deathrates, high birthrates.What factors allow for the population growth in South Asia?
Mumbai in India, Dehli in India, and Dhaka in Bangladesh.The three most populated cities of South Asia is...
The extreme difference in earning and lifestyle between the poor and rich in India.What's the 'Wealth Gap'
Rich live in beautiful homes while driving nice exotic cars, while the poor or slums live in very cramped alley ways which are very dirty.Some factors that contribute to the 'Wealth Gap' in South Asia are..
Advances in farming, more electricity, paved roads, and cleaner drinking water.Some things that have improved South Asia's standard of living are?
English, Urdu, and Hindi.3 major spoken languages in South Asia are..
Hinduism, and Islam.The two most popular religions are..
Founded in 1500's, teachers believe in one god, live in Northwestern India, they want an independent Sikh state.Sikhism notes...
Strong influence to the art, temples of the religions, forts/palaces, and literature.How has religion affected the arts in South Asia?