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1890s, sound introduced by 1920sWhat year was silent cinema created?
The Zoetrope invented in 1833 (it is like a series of images bit lie a flip book and you spin it around so its like they're movingWhat is a zoetrope?
1950sWhen did cinema gain popularity?
Edison and Lumirere BrothersWho were described as the fathers of cinema?
First film released was workers leaving a factory by Lumiere Brothers and last less than a minute. Cinema originally was a way of capturing of moving texture of realityWhat was the first film and why was it created?
DW Griffiths 1915 and Samual GoldwynWho became known as ‘movie moguls’ in 1915?
Late 1980s, censorship came into place, this was developed by the studios themselves. All films were suitable for everyone, because none of them had swearing or anything.What is the ‘Hays Code’ and when was it introduced?
1912, had a rating system much like it does nowWhen was the British Board of Film Censorship created?
Basically it was a thing that said there has to be a certain amount of British films in the cinema so it isn’t just American ones, this made Britain make more films and have a bigger share of the marketWhat was Cinematographic Act 1927? And how did it effect the share Britain had on the market?
CrimeanWho was a pioneering war correspondent in 1854-6?
Soviet government commissions productions and carried the films to places on these trainsWhat is an agot train?
Boer 1899-1902Who made the controversial film 'Concentration Camp'?
Lord Kitchener, telling people to join the warGreat War: 1914-18, who made the iconic poster and what was the message?
Many representations inc; ‘Glory and Slaughter’ saying that people are killing each other just for glory, film ‘oh what a lovely war’ ironic musicalHow did the media represent the Great War?
Pioneers techniques, notably montage to create classics like ‘the battleship Potemkin’ 925 and ‘october’ 1928. Montage allowed more framing.Who is Eeisenstein and what did he do?
Film by Leni Riefenshaths 1935, making out being a nazi as a good thing‘Triamph of the Will’ what is this?
George ForbyWho made the morale boosting film ‘Let George do it’ 1940?
It was a big production in technicolour, had famous actor in lead role, and based on Shakespeare play, they put a lot of money into it and it was designed to be a big piece of propaganda.What is significant about the film Henry V (1944) ?
Attempts to influence US opine(hold and state ones opinion) against HitlerWhat was the purpose of Afred Hitchcocks ‘Foreign Correspondent’ 1940?
The Cold War through media. So for example a lot of popular films displaying messages clearly either for or against communism.What is meant by the cultural cold war?
United States Information Agency (USIA) set-up 1953 aimed to co-ordinate a global campaign against communism. Hollywood and government worked together and created many films that encouraged fear of communism.How did Hollywood react to the fear of Communism? And what is the USIA?
Now that the public could see what was going on they developed their own opinions on the war... which were mixed.How did having reporters and television during the Vietnam war effect the view from the public?
Showed negative side of the war and the physical and psychological effects it had on soldiersThe film ‘The deer hunter’ what was it about?
Entertainment based on warfare. The link between Hollywood and the military, seen today as films about terrorism are popularDefine ‘militainment’
Propaganda film made with the US official army co-operationThe Green Berets (1968)