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level: Comparisons

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Comparisons

【ほう】 – direction; side
(particle) – rather than ~~より
(particle) – extent of ~~ほど
Which do (you) like more, dog or cat? (lit: Dog and cat, which side is (the) one (you like)?)犬と猫、どちらの方が好き?
Like dog more than cat. (lit: Like the side of dog rather than cat.)犬の方が猫より好き。
Hate dog more than cat. (lit: Hate the side of dog rather than cat.)犬の方が猫より嫌い。
Don’t like cat as much as dog. (lit: Don’t like cat to extent of dog.)猫は、犬ほど好きじゃない。
Which do (you) think is harder, English or Japanese? (lit: English and Japanese, which side is harder (you) think?)英語と日本語、どちらの方が難しいと思いますか?
せわ - take care世話
(I’m) sureきっと
こども の とき - when (you) were a child子供の時
べつ に - not really別に
Alice: Which do (you) like more, dog or catアリス:猫と犬、どちらの方が好き?
Lee: I like both. (lit: Like either way also.)りー:僕は、どちらも好き。
John: Isn’t dog better. Because (they’re) smarter than cats.ジョン:犬の方がいいんじゃない?猫より頭がいいから。
Alice: But dog(s) are tougher to take care of and don’t (you) think cat(s) are cuter?アリス:でも、犬の方が世話が大変だし、猫の方がかわいいと思わない?
John: (I) think both are tough to take care of and as for me, I think dogs are much more cute.ジョン:世話はどちらも大変だと思うし、俺は、犬がもっとかわいいと思うよ。
Alice: Why do (you) hate cat(s) that much?アリス:どうして猫がそんなに嫌いなの?
John: (I’m) not saying (I) hate (them)!ジョン:嫌いだと言ってないよ!
Alice: (I’m) sure, when (you) were a child, something bad occurred with a cat, huh?アリス:きっと、子供の時に、猫と何か悪い事が起きたんだね。
John: No, not really…ジョン:いや、別に・・・。
Alice: Anyway, (I) have never met a person that hates cat(s) to the extent of John-san.アリス:とにかく、ジョンさんほど猫が嫌いな人は、会った事ないよ。
John: Like I said, (I) don’t hate (them).ジョン:だから、嫌いじゃないって。