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level: Travel

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Travel

What time does the next train leave?下一班火车什么时候发车?
how do you get to work in the morning?你早上如何上班?
does this train go to shanghai?这列火车去上海吗?
does this train stop at tiananmen?这趟车在天安门停吗?
Does this bus go to Yiheyuan?这趟车到颐和园吗?
how much does it cost to get to the summer palace?到颐和园要多少钱?
the train is running late火车晚点了。
is there a bus station around here?这附近有汽车站吗?
where is the nearest train station?最近的火车站在哪?
are there any good restaurants around here?这里有好的餐厅吗?
do you know how to get there?你知道怎么去那里吗?
where is the nearest bank?最近的银行在哪?
where is the nearest atm?最近的取款机在哪里?
go straight on往前走
turn right右转
turn left左转
turn left at the end of the road在路的尽头向左转
turn right at the traffic lights在红绿灯处右转
is it far from here?离这里远吗?
what time are you flying tomorrow?明天你几点乘飞机?
my flight was cancelled我的航班被取消了
which platform for the train to beijing?哪个是到北京的火车的平台
how long does it take to travel from shanghai to hong kong?从上海到香港需要多长时间?
it takes three hours from here to there从这里到那里需要三个小时
sometimes i ride my bike to work, sometimes i walk有时我骑自行车上班,有时我走路
if i ride a bike, it takes fifteen minutes如果我骑自行车要花十五分钟
if i walk, it takes 45 minutes如果我走路要花四十五分钟
i'm late for work!我上班迟到了!