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level: Level 1

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Level 1

v. to equip or bestow (usu. a quality or ability)Endow
v. to withstand, sustain, or hold out againstEndure
v. to involve or includeEntail
adj. having no fixed course; deviating from the normErratic
v. to make worse or increase the severity ofExacerbate
adj. related to (government) moneyFiscal
n. movementLocomotion
n. a subtle difference in meaningNuance
v. to openly express an opinionOpine
adj. strange, bizarrePeculiar
v. to die; to pass awayPerish
adj. cranky, pouty, irritablePetulant
v. to cause suffering toPersecute
adj. cranky, pouty, irritablePetulant
n. highest level or degreePinnacle
adj. deserving pityPitiable
adj. reasonable and possibly truePlausible
v. to assertPostulate
adj. practical, usefulPragmatic
v. to command orders v. to issue authorization for medicationsPrescribe
adj. punctual, on time n. a cue to begin something; instructions v. to incite, propel, or cause to actPrompt
v. to put into law or formally declarePromulgate
adj. involving quantities (numbers and amounts)Quantitative
v. to split into two or more branchesRamify
adj. without attention to danger or riskRash
v. to prove to be untrue, unfounded, or incorrectRefute
v. to give up (usu. power or a position) v. to cast offRenounce
v. to refuse to recognize as true v. to cast offRepudiate
n. the act of keeping somethingRetention
adj. having practical intelligence or knowledgeSavvy
v. to look down on with disdainScorn
adj. paying great attention to detailScrupulous
adv. insufficiently, meagerly, or in a restricted mannerSparingly
adj. run-down, sordid, or sleazySqualid
adj. motionless adj. changelessStaticadj. motionless adj. changeless
adj. hard to detect or analyzeSubtle
adj. unfriendly; inclined to angerSurly
v. to get on top of or overcomeSurmount
adj. pulled tightTaut
n. usual mood or feelingsTemperament
adj. not yet finalizedTentative
adj. dangerous and unstableTreacherous
adj. being everywhere at onceUbiquitous
adj. undecorated, plainUnadorned
v. to emphasize or give additional weight toUnderscore
adj. one-sidedUnilateral
adj. downright, utter, totalUnmitigated
v. to make visible; to revealUnveil
v. to prove to be reasonableWarrant
v. to promiseVow