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level: Movements - Hip

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Movements - Hip

Gmax Posterior thighHIP Extension
Illiopsoas TFL Recfem Sartorius PectineusHIP Flexion
Surface glutesHIP Abduction
Medial thighHIP Adduction
Surface glutes (exc. Gmax)HIP Internal rotation
Gmax Deep glutesHIP External rotation
HIP abduction HIP Internal rotation HIP extension | external rotation KNEE extensionSURFACE GLUTES All do... Front 3 do... Gmax also does... TFL also does...
HIP external rotationDEEP GLUTES
HIP adduction HIP flexion KNEE flexion | internal rotationMEDIAL THIGH All do... Pectineus also does... Gracillis also does
KNEE extension HIP flexion KNEE fllexion | internal rotationANTERIOR THIGH Quads do... Recfem and sartorius do... Sartorius also does...
HIP extension | KNEE flexion KNEE inrot KNEE exrotPOSTERIOR THIGH All do... Semis also do... as opposed to Bicepfem which does...