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level: Magna Carta

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Magna Carta

-Bad leader - lost money and land in france -Scutage - increased when barons didn't turn up for war -Fell out with Pope - church services suspended - scared people -Invasion risk - conflict with Pope -Barons rebelled - Forced to negotiateReasons for Conflict - John and Barons (5)
Pope wanted Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury - wouldn't help John so John didn't like himWhy John fell out with the Pope
Occupied London and led barons in rebellionRobert Fitzwalter
When and where Magna Carta was signedRunnymeade, June 19th 1215
Amount of promises barons wanted John to keep63
-Baron's heir inherit land for £100 to King -No scutage except with common counsel of the realm -No freemen shall be arrested or imprisoned without a fair trial -Church free to make own appointments -Safety of merchants - no tolls -25 barons monitor King - make sure he's obeying Magna CartaLiberties of Freemen (6)
- August 1215 - Pope cancelled Magna Carta - Barons had support of French King and son Prince Louis - John refused to honour Magna CartaCauses of 1st Baron's War (3)
-Oct 1215 - John Attacked - 5 siege engines, catapults & trebuchets -Tried to starve barons -Got pickaxes, burned pig fat under castle -Castle burned down, John wonSiege of Rochester (4)
-Barons brought the French over -French defeated John -John diedEnd of Baron's War (3)
-Barons chose to appoint John's 9 year old son Henry as King -Child king easier to control than French -Henry reissued Magna Carta -England now against France (Earl of Pembroke help) -No parliament other than Barons untile Edward IAfter John died... (5)