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level: Pt. 2 - Tort and Contract

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Pt. 2 - Tort and Contract

Indirect Economic Loss via forseeability and negligible duty of careRivtow Marine v. Washington Iron Works, 1973
Mailbox DoctrineQueen v. Commercial Credit Corp, 1983
Consideration can be agreement to not do somethingStott v. Merit Investment Corp, 1988
Equitable Estoppel (deadline change)Conwest Exploration v. Letain, 1963
Earlier indulgence does not imply change to contractJohn Burrows v. Subsurface Survey, 1968
Actions lead to default, plantiff estopped from ending contractOwen Sound Public Board Library v. Mial Developments, 1979
Freedom from DuressMutual v. John Wetton & Sons, 1937
Illegal activity voided contractKocotis v. D'Angelo, 1958
Pay for materials, not illegal labourMonticchio v. Torcema Const., 1979
Implied terms are validMoorcock Doctrine, 1889