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level: Pt. 3 - Contract Law

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Pt. 3 - Contract Law

Tender process 2 contracts, both considered bindingRon Engineering, 1981
Substantial ComplianceDakin v. Lee, 1916
Fundamental BreachKarsales v. Wallis, 1956
Damages, not liable for unforeseen damagesHadley v. Baxendale 1854
Fundamental breach, quantum of damageHarbutt's Plasticine v. Wayne Tank & Pump, 1970
Clearly Stated DisclaimerHunter v. Syncrude, 1989
Clarify Levels of InspectionDemers v. Dufrense, 1977
Held to estimate of costKidd v. Mississauga, 1979
Engineers must check on project progressB.C Rail v. Canadian Pacific Consulting, 1988