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level: Laryngectomy & Cancer

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Laryngectomy & Cancer

When the tumor is malignantWhen is surgery needed?
T - tumor size (1-4) N- number of nodes that are invaded M- presence or absence of metathesisThe TNM --> tumor nodule status refers to what?
injection and inhalation methodWhat are two methods of esophageal speech?
Patient takes air in their mouth and pushes it down into the esophagus with their tongue, then expelled for esophageal speechWhat is the injection method of esophageal speech?
Patient inhales rapidly while keeping their UES open/relaxed and creates negative pressure in their esophagus to draw in air, which is then expelled for esophageal speechWhat is the inhalation method of esophageal speech? (through the stoma)
Breathing is done through the nose and mouth Larynx is intact with no anatomical changes Nose and mouth are attached to esophagus and trachea Nose and mouth moisten, filter and heat air before it enters lungs Sound generated by the VFs Aspiration can occur !How does a patient breathe and talk prior to a laryngectomy ?
- Everything from the epiglottis to the glottis is removed (larynx) - Breathe through the stoma (permanent opening in the neck) with no connection to the mouth - Air is no longer filtered, heated or moisturized - Mucus is expelled through stoma - Sound is generated by a sound source (AL, TEP, esophageal speech) - Not able to aspirate due to the disconnection between the aerodigestive track separationHow does a patient breathe and talk after a laryngectomy?
- the larynx is intact - patient breathes through a tracheostomy that is temporary/permanent - wears a trachesotomy tube - can use a one-way valve - cannot use a voice prosthesisA tracheostomy results in...
- Larynx is removed - Breathes through stoma (permanent) - May wear larytube, a tracheostomy tube, or no tube - Cannot use a one-way valve - May use voice prosthesisA laryngectomy results in...
- Stoma is between the trachea and esophagus - Prosthesis inserted to enable voice production Allows air into the esophagus, which is vibrated to produce sound phonation Placed from the posterior tracheal wall and the anterior esophageal wall You can close the stoma with your finger or one way valve Patient is at risk for aspiration around or through the TEPCharacteristics of a tracheo-esophageal puncture (TEP)
heats, humidifies and filters air.The main functions of a heat and moisture exchanging device are..
stiffness of a joint due to abnormal adhesion and rigidity of the bones of the joint, which may be the result of injury or disease.What is ankylosis?
arthritis, trauma, joint diseasewhat can cause ankylosis?
Hoarseness , Breathiness , Low pitchWhat would be the main perceptual vocal signs of an adult with papilomas?
Respiratory distress Chronic cough Weak cry Dysphagia StridorInfants with papilomas will have:
Laryngeal websWhich organic disease could be acquired or congenital?
incomplete maturation/ development of the larynx in uteroLaryngeal webs can be congenital due to ...
surgery, trauma, severe laryngeal infection, forceful intubationLaryngeal webs can be acquired due to..
TEP because... Ease of use - vibratory source (PE segment) Most natural sounding Increases social interactionWhich Alaryngeal speech option is the best “gold standard” and why?
More susceptible to bacteria / needs to be changed often A lot of keep up and maintenance High cost (one-way valve) New way of breathing and talkingWhat are the disadvantages of TEP?
TEP, artificial larynx (electrolarynx), and esophageal speechwhat are the three alaryngeal speech options?
the articulators and neckAn artificial larynx (electrolarynx) involves the use of..
Easy to use Battery operated or USB vibratory source (external apparatus) Readily availableWhat are the advantages of an artificial larynx?
Unnatural sounding due to radiation or swelling External power source Need their handswhat are the disadvantages of an artificial larynx?
stomawhen a laryngectomy patient coughs it goes through the ...
Stomas are too low A lot of upkeep and maintenance needed Health status - respiratory difficulties Co-morbidities: dementiaWhy are some patients after a laryngectomy not good candidates for a TEP?
Most cost effective Use their own air and muscles → pharyngoesophageal (PE) segment No external apparatusWhat are the advantages of esophageal speech?
hard to learn least intelligiblewhat are the disadvantages of esophageal speech?