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level: The Oneness of God, and the Trinity.

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level questions: The Oneness of God, and the Trinity.

What is the Concept of the Trinity?This is simply God, in 3 Persons, which are: -The Father -The Son -The Holy Spirit
How easy is it to describe the Trinity? Why?It has been a mystery for a very long time, and is still at question The Trinity when comparing with Humans has the Result of it doing not much. Christians have said however of what the Trinity is like, giving more Depth into it
What does the Trinity tell you?-Its that there is 1 God -The Person of the Trinity is, and like God -The Persons of the Trinity, are not the Same [The Father is not The Son]
Where can 'The Father' come from?-The First Person of the Trinity, is the Father. -God, The Father is the Creator of Earth, and everything Living on it. -He is a Good Father for his Children, and is: -Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent [All-Loving], Omniscient [All-Seeing], Omnipresent [Present all the Time]
Where can 'The Son' come from?-The Second Person of the Trinity, is the Son of God -This was Jesus, an Incarnated being on Earth -The Son of God, was fully Human, on Earth, and fully God, all the time
Where can the 'Holy Spirit' come from?-This is the Last Person of the Trinity. -When Jesus left the Earth, the Holy Spirit was Sent in, to make sure the Earth was fine, and still Informed -The Holy Spirit is then Unseen Power of God. It happens all the Time in the World [Past, Present, Future]