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level: Sin and Salvation

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Sin and Salvation

What is a Sin?-An action, that separates Humans from God -Behaviour which goes against what God has said and done
Christians believe Humans commits what?-Sins. They believe that Humans will at some point commit a Sin, because no one is Perfect
If an action is not illegal, do Christians take care for it?-Yes. Illegal or not, if its against Gods words they aren't Right in terms of their eyes
What is Original Sin?-Simply a Augustine Christine Doctrine that states: -Everyone born has a thing to do Bad Things, and to disobey God -The Catholic Church are fond of this
Where was Original Sin brought in?-Back to Adam & Eve. -Despite the Life God gave them, they still Sinned against him by breaking an Instruction he gave [Eating the Apple] -Once they had consumed it, Adam & Eve became weary of Sin through their Action they committed. This awareness is Brought down towards All of Humanity -The Punishment for Adam & Eve? Death and Separation
In Adam & Eve, what does the Serpent Represent as? What did the Serpent do?-The Serpent managed to Temp Eve to eat the Apple -The Serpent can relate to Satan, the Force of Evil -Since Temptation can be Hard to Overcome, they can link that with Satan trying to get Christians to break God's Laws
What do Christians think of God giving Humans Free Will? What Teachings can uphold this?-Free will was Given by God to allow them to live their Lives -But they can't do Whatever they want to do -If they make choices that displease God, They will be separated. -The Ten Commandments and Beatitudes can be Referred for this
What does Salvation mean?-This simply means to be Saved from the Sin and the Consequences of it. Also granted Eternal Life with God
What are the Christians beliefs on Obtaining Salvation?-Salvation via Good Work: Old Testament states that Salvation can be given through Faith and Obeying God -Salvation via Grace: God gives Salvation through faith in Jesus. No Earning or Deserved factors, but simply being Faithful -Some Christians say that Salvation through Grace is the only way through Ephesians 2:8-9