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level: Worship

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level questions: Worship

What is worship exactly?-This is simply the Way that Christians can show their Love, Respect and Reverence for God. -It can connect with Worth, which means to recognise someone's Importance and Praise
Where, Who and what can Christians worship?-They can worship with Others or Alone -They can worship in a Church, Home or any Place really -They can Meditate, Pray, Sing, share Food, Celebrate Festivals or use Religious Arts -This can happen Any Time, but the Weekly Public worship is on a Sunday, correlates with Jesus's Crucifixion
Why do Christians worship?-This is to Praise and Thank God for Blessing them -This can be to ask for Forgiveness, or for Guidance -Worships can deepen the Relationship between God
What exactly is Liturgical Worship?-This is a Service that just follows the same Set Pattern each Time -Priest would lead the Congregation that have Set Responses -Bible passages, Hymns and Symbolic Action may be done -An example may be Eucharist for Catholic, Orthodox or Anglican Churches
What exactly is Non-Liturgical Worship?-This is simply a Service where there doesn't need to be a Set Order -Nonconformist Churches [Methodist, Baptist and URC] may choose to follow a certain Theme -These services may follow on Bible Readings, and a Sermon about it -The Basic Structure might stay the same, but the Number of hymns may change [Subtle example]
What exactly is Informal Worship?-This is just People's Prayer or Sharing thoughts -Quaker worship is an Example, they are Silent the majority of the Time. If people speak, they are feeling God's Spirt moving towards them -Communities or House Churches may just Eat Together and Share their faith, in an attempt to recreate the Worship of the Early Church -Some may be led by the Spirt, involving Dancing, Clapping and Calling out. This can make it easier to experience God's Holy Spirit -This can partner well with Non-Liturgical Worship
So what are the Characteristics and Importance of Liturgical Worship?-People gain Forgiveness from God from the Action of the Priest -People can experience the Living Presence of Jesus in Holy Communion -Bible readings follow the Christian Calendar -This is familiar, Worldwide -Ritual has been passed for a Long Time, this gives a sense of Tradition
So what are the Characteristics and Importance of Non-Liturgical Worship and Informal Worship?-Style can match the Early Christians that heard of Jesus through the Joy on Pentecost -Faith is done through a Variety of Ways -Christians can give Different Thoughts on the Bible. Bible readings can follow the Christian Calendar -People can choose an Active part; Praying aloud or Speaking with Formal Training -An emotion Impact may be felt after the Service, or During
What is Private Worship?-This is simply yourself, family or Friends spending time with God. -This can be done through Prayers, meditating, Studying etc...