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level: Verb to have

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Verb to have

It hasTiene
Doesn't haveNo tiene
we do not haveNo tenemos
we haveTenemos
I haveTengo
I do not haveNo tengo
he hasÉl tiene
he does not haveÉl no tiene
she hasElla tiene
she does not haveElla no tiene
you haveUsted tiene
You do not havetú no tienes
they have (male)Ellos tienen
They have (female)Ellas tienen
they don't have (male)Ellos no tienen
they don't have (female)Ellas no tienen
my house hasMi casa tiene
your house hasTu casa tiene
your bedroom hasTu dormitorio tiene
my bedroom hasMi dormitorio tiene
the bathroom hasEl cuarto de baño tiene