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level: Lots of animals!

Questions and Answers List

Maybe some repetition, but here are most of the animals you will ever need to know

level questions: Lots of animals!

The alligatorEl caimán
The antLa hormiga
The bearEl oso
The beeLa abeja
The birdEl pájaro
The camelEl camello
The cheetahEl guepardo
The chickenEl pollo
The chimpanzeeEl chimpancé
The cowLa vaca
The crocodileEl cocodrilo
The deerEl ciervo
The dogEl perro
The dolphinEl delfín
The duckEl pato
The eagleEl águila
The elephantEl elefante
The fishEl pez
The flyLa mosca
The foxEl zorro
The frogLa rana
The giraffeLa jirafa
The goatLa cabra
The goldfishEl pez de colores
The hamsterEl hámster
The hippopotamusEl hipopótamo
The horseEl caballo
The kangarooEl canguro
The kittenEl gatito
The leopardEl leopardo
The lionEl león
The lizardEl lagarto
The lobsterEl bogavante
the MonkeyEl mono
The octopusEl pulpo
The ostrichEl avestruz
The otterLa nutria
The owlEl búho
The oysterLa ostra
The pandaEl panda
The parrotEl loro
The pelicanEl pelícano
The pigEl cerdo
The pigeonLa paloma
The porcupineEl puercoespín
The puppyEl cachorro
The rabbitEl conejo
The ratLa rata
The reindeerEl reno
The rhinocerosEl rinoceronte
The roosterEl gallo
The scorpionEl escorpión
The sealEl sello
The sharkEl tiburón
The sheepLa oveja
The shrimpEl camarón
The snailEl caracol
The snakeLa serpiente
The sparrowEl gorrión
The spiderLa araña
The squidEl calamar
The squirrelLa ardilla
The swallowLa golondrina
The swanEl cisne
The tigerTigre
The toadEl sapo
The tortoiseLa tortuga
The turtleLa tortuga
The vultureEl buitre
The walrusLa morsa
The weaselLa comadreja
The whaleLa ballena
WolfEl lobo
The zebraLa cebra